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A Matter of Great Importance

Wills, Living Wills, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directives Workshop Coming Soon

With the controversial situation of Terri Schaivo in the news lately, we feel that we have been remiss in informing you of documents you really should consider having. There are four documents that we, here at AM Warner Insurance, feel EVERYONE should have. These documents address different areas of need.

The four documents everyone should have are:

  1. A Will
  2. A Living Will
  3. A Power of Attorney
  4. An Advanced Health Care Directive

Join us at our Workshop on Will, Living Wills, Power of Attorney and Health Care Directives.In fact, these items are so important that we have partnered with an Elder Law Attorney to present a special workshop on what, how, and why you should have these important papers ready now.

Lee Richardson, Elder Law Attorney, will be available to educate you and answer any questions you have regarding Wills, Power of Attorney, and Healthcare Directives. We encourage you to come and bring your friends and neighbors. We will also spend a short amount of time talking about the options you have for long term care leaving plenty of time to answer any questions you may have. If you haven't thought about wills, directives or long term care insurance, then come, see, listen, and learn in our interactive workshop.

There are important differences between each of these documents. Come and learn what each one does and why they are important to have. Don't put off learning about them any longer! Make sure you have plans in place in the event you are not able to make decisions yourself.

Mark your calendar for Tuesday, May 10th at 6:30 pm. Location is the Breckinridge Inn. Space is limited, so please call us at 502-742-4979 to make your reservation.



Get Out and Walk!

Your Heart Will Love You For It

It's time to get outside and walk your way to a healthier lifestyle.It's spring time here in Kentucky, the flowers are blooming, the weather is getting warmer and we're all pulling our summer clothes out of storage.

If you're like me, and I'm sure there are a good number of you out there, you need to lose a few pounds. I put on a pair of shorts the other day to motivate myself to get a little more exercise. Wow was it scary! Talk about the motivation I needed; it was staring back at me in the mirror!

We all know that exercise is good for us. So why don't we do it? If you're like me, you're just lazy or maybe you don't know where to start.

If it seems like you're always dieting and you just can't lose those last few pounds or maybe you have a significant amount to lose and it just seems like too much of a task. My advice is that you just start somewhere. Try these ideas to get going:

  • Take a walk after dinner or before breakfast. This is also a good way to bond and share your day with your spouse or child. Take the dog if you have one. They're ALWAYS up for a walk.

  • Find a walking buddy. Get a neighbor or friend to walk with you.

  • Park at the back of the parking lot when you go to the store.

  • Buy a pedometer and measure how many steps you take. It's recommended that you get in 10,000 steps per day. That's only a couple of miles. You would be surprised at how much you walk on the average day.

  • Is the weather bad? That's no excuse. Go to the local mall and walk around the inside a couple of times. You can even do this in the winter. They actually have Mall Walking Clubs.

  • Dance while you vacuum.

  • Move your feet while you're sitting.

  • You can get Books on Tape out of the library for free and listen to them while you walk if you have no one to walk with. You might find you'll walk more just to get to the end of the chapter.

  • Of course you can always join a workout place or gym, but there are plenty of free ways to get some exercise too.

Doing just one thing more than you currently do will help. Make time each day to get some exercise if you can. Ten or fifteen minutes is better than nothing. Not only will you shed those unwanted pounds, but your heart will love you too. Come on, you can do it. I know you can. Walk with me.



It's Tea Time

Did You Know Drinking Tea Has Many Health Benefits?

The link between nutrition and cognitive health keeps growing stronger. Past research has shown that consuming more vegetables, soy, fish, and the vitamin Niacin all appear to offer protection against Alzheimer's disease. The latest study adds tea to this list of brain-friendly foods.

Tea has many health benefits.  Drink some today!Research from the United Kingdom shows that drinking tea appears to inhibit enzymes associated with the development of Alzheimer's disease. In fact, tea works in much the same way as certain drugs prescribed for the disease.

Both green and black tea interfered with or obstructed several enzymes that play a role in the development of senile plaques. Coffee, which was also studied, had no effect on these enzymes.

There is still no cure for Alzheimer's disease. But lead researcher Dr. Ed Okello notes that "tea could potentially be another weapon in the arsenal which is used to treat this disease and slow it's development."

By the way, the Okinawa Study shows that jasmine tea is a popular choice of many healthy 100-year-olds. Maybe the English have it right, take a break each afternoon for a cup of tea.

There are many different kinds of flavored tea to give you a change of pace. I personally like to cut some fresh mint and add it to the tea while it's steeping.



A Little Humor

Elderly Pick Up Line

An elderly gentleman in his mid 80's, very well dressed, with hair well groomed, great looking suit, flower in his lapel, smelling slightly of a good after shave, presenting a well cared for image, walks into an upscale cocktail lounge. Seated at the bar is an elderly lady in her mid 80's, also well dressed and attractive, and is sitting alone. The gentleman walks over, sits down beside her, orders a drink, takes a sip, turns to her and says, "So tell me, do I come here often?"


Heart-Healthy Pizza

Our Featured Recipe

Try our heart-healthy pizza recipe and let us know what you think.America's favorite "junk food" actually can fit quite nicely into a heart-smart eating plan. The trick is in the toppings. Here's a fast, easy, and healthy recipe to try out.

  • Dough for 12-inch thin-crust pizza, store-bought or homemade
  • One 14-ounce can artichoke hearts, drained and chopped
  • 1 medium zucchini, thinly sliced
  • 2 ounces provolone cheese, thinly sliced
  • 1/4 cup red onion, thinly sliced
  • 2 tablespoons fresh oregano leaves or 1 tablespoon dried
  • 1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese

Preheat the oven to 450 F. Press out pizza dough. Start assembling the pizza by spreading the provolone slices over the dough, leaving a 1-inch edge. Sprinkle on the onion rings, then distribute the artichoke and zucchini. Top with feta cheese and oregano. Slide into the oven on baking sheet for 20 to 25 minutes, until the dough crisps and cheese melts. Serves 4 as a main course.

Nutritional information per serving: 365 calories, 11 grams fat, 23 milligrams cholesterol, 719 milligrams sodium.



There'll Be No Nursing Home in My Future...

Carnival Cruises Offers Long Term Care? Really?

I plan on retiring on a cruise ship where all of my long term care needs will be taken care of.If you know me, you know I believe that most people will benefit from long term care insurance. It's one of those things that can keep you OUT of a nursing home. I do have to tell you that at this time, the Carnival Cruise line is NOT certified for use of your long term care insurance. :0)

When I get old and feeble, I am going to get on a Carnival Cruise ship. The average cost for a nursing home is $200 per day. I've checked on reservations at CARNIVAL and I can get a long term discount and senior discount price of $135 per day. That leaves $65 a day for:

  1. Gratuities which will only be $10 per day.

  2. I will have as many as 10 meals a day if I can waddle to the restaurant, or I can have room service (which means I can have breakfast in bed every day of the week).

  3. Princess has as many as three swimming pools, a workout room, free washers and dryers, and shows every night.

  4. They have free toothpaste, razors, free soap, and shampoo.

  5. They will even treat you like a customer, not a patient. An extra $5 worth of tips will have the entire staff scrambling to help you.

  6. I will get to meet new people every 7 or 14 days.

  7. TV broken? Light bulb need changing? Need to have the mattress replaced? No Problem! They will fix everything and apologize for your inconvenience.

  8. Clean sheets and towels every day, and you don't even have to ask for them. They even fold your towels into cute little animals every day.

  9. If you fall in the nursing home and break a hip, you are on Medicare. If you fall and break a hip on the Carnival ship they will upgrade you to a suite for the rest of your life.

Now hold on for the best! Do you want to see South America, the Panama Canal, Tahiti, Bahamas, New Zealand, Asia, or name where you want to go? Carnival will have a ship ready to go. So don't look for me in a nursing home, just call me shore to ship.

PS And don't forget, when you die at sea, they just dump you over the side--at no charge!


April 2005



A Matter of Great Importance

Get out and Walk!

It's Tea Time

A Little Humor

Heart-Healthy Pizza

There'll Be No Nursing Home in My Future...


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