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Seniors' Abilities Should Guide Their Care Choices

Planning For The Future

Seniors' abilities should guide their care choices.One of the most important decisions people can make in planning for the future is about the care and assistance they will need as they age.

The growth in the senior care industry has provided people with many more options to live the lifestyle they choose, including the ability to remain safe and comfortable in their own homes. Today, people are living longer and healthier lives and the senior care industry is changing in response to that trend.

While not all seniors require the intensive supervision and skilled medical care of a nursing home setting, many can use assistance with one or more activities of daily living to retain their independence.

Some seniors shy away from asking for help because they do not realize there are options that do not require them to leave their home. The National Center for Health Statistics defines activities of daily living as those related to personal care, such as dressing, bathing or showering, getting in and out of bed and eating.

Instrumental activities of daily living, a more detailed measurement, describe more intensive activities related to independent living including meal preparation, shopping for groceries, paying bills, and light housework. Studies have indicated that approximately 20 percent of the elderly population has difficulty with one or more of these activities.

An honest assessment by a family member or a senior care professional of how well a senior is able to complete these activities of daily living is a good indicator of the amount of assistance he or she requires.

In-home or community-based services are viable options for those who have difficulty with a handful of these tasks, but don't require round-the-clock supervision. Seniors and their families should evaluate their abilities in the following areas as a first step in determining if additional supportive care is needed:

  • Living area: Is it unkempt or cluttered?

  • Diet and nutrition: Is there a concern the senior is not eating properly? Are they able to get to the grocery store on a regular basis?

  • Medication: Is it being taken as prescribed? Are doctors' appointments being missed or rescheduled?

  • Personal Hygiene: Is there a decline in personal hygiene of the senior?

  • Memory: Are there signs of confusion or short-term memory loss?

  • Driving: Are there signs of diminished driving ability?

While these signs are a cause for concern, they don't necessarily mean a senior is nursing home-bound. However, they can indicate that assistance is needed to ensure the safety and continued well-being of the senior. If a family notices any of these signs, they should consult with a senior care expert to discuss services that are available.

The staff at Right at Home, In-Home Care and Assistance, are experts who are available to consult with you 24 hours per day/7 days per week. Right at Home is a national franchise. The local office is owned and operated by Jeannie Locy. Jeannie's staff are insured and bonded, and she hires staff that are passionate about helping seniors. She would be happy to discuss your senior care issues, needs or concerns at any time at 502-479-9800. You can visit their website for more information at

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How "Pipe Dreams" Can Become Realities!

By Guest Columnist, Jon Kogan

Take a look at yourself - inside and out. Where do you live, what job do you have, how do you relate to your friends and family? What interests do you pursue, what adventures do you have?

What do you truly want from life? Do you want wealth and success, happiness and peace of mind? Do you want a family and a yard, a yacht or a sports car? Where are you going? Do you have a particular goal or are you just wandering through life?

You can accomplish anything you want.You can accomplish anything you want in life - that's true. Once you have a particular goal, you can fulfill that desire by straightforward commitment and total conviction.

But what if you don't know what you want? Maybe your goals are small ones - like losing some weight, or buying a new car. Maybe getting a promotion or finding a mate. Whether you want a bigger apartment or want to be a corporation president, any avenue of prosperity and achievement is open to you if it is truly what you want.

No goal is too small; no dream is too big. And even if you aren't clear on your desires, you can tap into your subconscious mind to get the answers and to find the paths to success.

Can you change your life - do you want to? Can you picture yourself as your most perfect image of accomplishment? How does it feel? If you have the desire to attain goals, the commitment to follow through and the ability to creatively imagine yourself in the position you dream of, you are more than halfway there.

The most successful leaders and artists throughout history have followed specific paths and attained their hearts' desires. Keep an open mind and a hopeful outlook - then change your thinking. Put on the clothes of success. Act as though you already have accomplished your desires. Then let the reality catch up.

What Do You Want?

What do you wish for?Take a choice: money, health, physical energy, beauty, power, recognition, adventure, contentment, achievement, authority, self-expression, love, peace of mind, enlightenment. Would you like any of these? If you are like most people today, you probably want ALL of these.

But if you search your true desires, you might find that there are a few things you want more than others. And, if you keep going in your search, you'll find one desire that has been with you your whole lifetime and is the one path you need to follow.

Although money is the obvious desire, it is usually not the final goal. Indeed, money can, and does buy happiness - up to a point. Once you have enough money to be financially secure or to purchase the material objects you want, the true desire might be something else.

Love is the goal of every person's heart. Whether it is love of a mate, or a family, or respect and recognition from peers and fellow workers, love is the ageless pursuit. The mystics say that love is the sole purpose of life - to give love and to find it.

But love comes in many forms. Not only is there the overt display of affection or true inner feelings, but there is the self-respect and inner contentment that goes with accomplishment.

For some people, true peace of mind will never be attained until they complete some creative tasks or achieve certain heights in business.

Many people seek the authority that comes with a good position in a job. Along with that can come recognition and fame. Although you may want the money that is associated with high management levels, many people simply seek that satisfaction of working from the inner circles.

The goal of every person regardless of background and material desires, is health. A sound body is the gift that will get you to the other goals. Even a new diet and exercise plan can give you more energy - the energy you'll need to accomplish success.

Adventure and travel is a driving force for many people. They may seek jobs that involve travel, or they may be looking forward to taking time off to visit the exotic ports and see the other side of the world. If you don't want a long journey perhaps you'd just like a few weeks in a sunny resort or the luxury of a summer and winter vacation each year.

And then there is creativity and self-expression. What about the book you're going to write or the watercolor class you'd like to take? Creative expression is a wonderful inner release that boosts confidence and gives you something to accomplish.

Finally, regardless of wealth and health, expression and love everyone is looking for peace of mind. That's not to say emptiness of mind, but to be rid of petty worries and confusion, to be finished with fears and live in total awareness. It surely is the ultimate lifetime goal.

About the author and guest columnist:

Jon Kogan is Founder of ZivoMarketing and Editor of Home Business Breakthroughs Ezine You can subscribe to Jon's newsletter at

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September 2004


Seniors' Abilities Should Guide Their Care Choices

How "Pipe Dreams" Can Become Realities!


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